Index of Chapters

Chapter One 

Before Adam was Azazeal

Chapter Two 

In Which There is Freak Weather in Istanbul, and Ezra Falls for Ezeqiel’s Mongrel Bastard

Chapter Three

In Which Ezra’s Stars Begin to Curiously Un-Cross Themselves and the Mongrel Does a No-Show

Chapter Four

In Which Murat Encounters the Nicosian Beldam and Simultaneously Goes Sober

Chapter Five

Man is My Enigma, and I am His

Chapter Six

In Which Tengu and Bellybuttons Ought Not to be Taken Lightly

Chapter Seven

In Which the Mongrel is Given an Ultimatum and Eyjafjallajokull Erupts

Chapter Eight

In Which Grandma Remziye Remembers Nur and the Thing That Cannot be Undone

Chapter Nine

Coming soon…